Lakeport Unified School District web site goes live

The new Lakeport Unified School District (LUSD) web site combines a custom design with powerful content management tools to provide the District with a polished Internet presence which delivers a wealth of content to site visitors.

Site content includes employment opportunities, district news, bus schedules, full site search capabilities, and much more.

Check it out online at:

Two Low-Cost Websites Just Launched: Lamplighter Motel and Zepeda Cabinets

The new owners of the Lamplighter Motel in Clearlake, CA wanted a no-frills, low-cost website which developed quickly in order to tell customers about the newly-remodeled motel.

The new site was launched within 7 days of the project's inception. BitSculptor handled the entire project including photography, copy writing, website hosting and site design and development.

View the website at

Zepeda Cabinets came to us looking for a basic website to communicate the quality of their custom cabinet work. We built and launched the site in just a few weeks, including powerful, secure content management tools so the client can modify page text and photos.

View the website at

Antlers Resort & Marina redesign project completed

BitSculptor has completed the redesign of the Antlers Resort Marina web site, located at

The new web site features a simplified navigation structure, allowing visitors to easily find the information they seek. The site also pushes the online reservations feature throughout its pages.

BitSculptor's photography services held two separate photo shoots at the resort in order to furnish the site with a comprehensive set of photos. These photos can be seen throughout the site, including the houseboat detail pages.

Lake County Office of Education Site Launched

BitSculptor recently launched a completely revamped website for the Lake County Office of Education. Based in Lakeport, CA, the LCOE provides leadership and support to surrounding communities by planning, facilitating, and delivering services and educational programs.

The new site features a beautiful new custom design by BitSculptor, along with powerful backend content management tools which allow LCOE staff to administer all site content including news items, a frontpage slideshow, calendar of events, department pages, and document archives.

Because of todays challenging economic climate, the website was built with the goal of improving staff efficiency and reducing maintenance time. One example of this can be seen at the sites staff directory, which interfaces directly with LCOEs internal staff database, automatically creating a printable directory which is always up to date.

See the new site at

Bass is Loaded Mobile DJ Site Goes Live

Bass is Loaded Mobile DJ Screenshot

Bitsculptor recently completed the development of the Bass is Loaded Mobile DJ site at

The site was designed to the client's specifications which included using the trademark basepath and colors of the logo throughout the site as well as icons in the navigation to illustrate what users can expect to find in that particular area.

All of the pages on the site are edited by the client using secure backend administration tools developed by Bitsculptor.

In addition to the new design and backend tool development, Bitsculptor also provided Search Engine Optimization for the site. This included researching keywords and implementing them throughout the site.

The client, Oregon wedding DJ specialist, Rick Whitehead, has already seen his search engine ranking climb to the top ten in the short time his new site has been up.

Grilled Cheese Tuesdays - It's On!

We work hard at BitSculptor--harder than many of you may think. These keyboards dont click themselves, after all. Between all the clicking and brainwork, we tend to burn a high number of calories. At least, thats what we tell ourselves...

To satisfy our caloric requirements, weve recently instituted Grilled Cheese Tuesdays at our main office in Lakeport, CA. Each Tuesday at noon we bring out the grill, a variety of breads and cheeses, and all the fixins, for a grilled cheese party like no other.

Each week we try some new ideas as we continue onward in our quest for grilled cheese glory. To date weve made sandwiches involving parmesan cheese, english muffins, salmon, bleu cheese, bacon, avocado, and variety of dangerous hot sauces... as well as trying out all the standard stuff like various breads, meats, and cheeses.

Join Us!
Weve enjoyed having clients and friends visit us each week, and now were extending the invitation to other locals. Wed love to have you stop by at noon on a Tuesday and grill a tasty sandwich. Our only request is that you call or email and let us know youll be coming, so we can ensure were adequately supplied. Your first visit, the foods on us. If you decide to come more often, we may ask you to pitch in a few bucks, or bring us Mothers Circus Animal cookies--Tuesdays dessert of choice. (We always run out fast!)

Shout Outs
We would be remiss if we didnt mention, a Wisconsin-based website which has given us some great ideas. We love our California cheese, but the Grilled Cheese Academy folks know whats up when it comes to grilling it. Also, we have to give a shout out to King of the Hill, a now-discontinued TV show which somehow seems to fit the ethos of Grilled Cheese Tuesday, and is therefore watched each Tuesday at noon as we eat.

City of Lakeport, CA selects BitSculptor to develop city web site

BitSculptor has been selected by the City of Lakeport to develop the web site. As one of the city's "top 6 priorities" for 2006, will serve as a vehicle to inform local residents, business, and visitors about the city's government, events, and other topics of interest.

The web site will feature in-depth information on a variety of topics including municipal code, local events, and current news. Most of the site's content will be managed by city staff via BitSculptor's custom content management tools. These tools will enable a wide variety of staff members to modify specific site content.

Look for the site to go live towards the end of Q2, 2006.

Hornbaker Gardens of Princeton, IL goes live with new branding, site design, and e-commerce

Based in Princton, IL, Hornbaker Gardens has sold a variety of plants via mail order and on site since 1987. Specializing in irises, daylilies, and hostas, Hornbaker Gardens chose BitSculptor to revamp their web presence, creating a new image for the company and expanding web site capabilities to provide for the online purchasing of their core products.

BitSculptor designed a new logo for Hornbaker Gardens, for use on the web site, brochures, and various other marketing materials.

Visitors to the site may purchase hosta, daylilies, and irises via the online store. Gift certificates may also be purchased and redeemed through the web site, and an opt-in email list allows Hornbaker Gardens to easily contact past customers to inform them of sales and news.

BitSculptor implemented a custom URL rewriting tool on the site's catalog pages in order to increase visibility to top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. This tool ensures that each page of the catalog is seen as unique to the search engine, which greatly expands the amount of site content the search engine will index. More content indexed leads to more search engine referals, and more referals leads to increased sales.

Check it out online at:

Interactive maps and searches of available rentals on new Country Air Property Management site

Country Air Property Management is a daughter company of CPS Country Air, the top-selling real estate firm in Lake County, CA.

Their new web site pushes interactive features which benefit the site's core audience: people seeking available rentals in Lake County, California. Visitors may search available rentals by price, city, and number of bed/baths. They may also use the interactive mapping tool to see available rentals around the lake, get driving directions to rentals, view rental property photos, and more.

Site content is maintained via our custom OAF (Online Administration Form) tools, allowing staff to maintain rental listing information, upload photos, modify featured rentals, and more. The OAF tools are very user-friendly, enabling staff to quickly and easily change site content without any training or web site development knowledge.

Check it out online at:

DJ Super Laser 2000 Goes Live


Bitsculptor recently launched the DJ Super Laser 2000 site at

The DJ Super Laser 2000 has a couple of interesting features not found on all sites. The first is the language option allowing users the option of viewing the content in Spanish or English. This is an important feature in Lake County, California where the number of native Spanish speakers is very high.

The other feature of note is the design itself which provides a bright and bold platform for owner Jesus Tapia to show off his equipment and services. This while remaining exceptionally easy for users to navigate.

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